How Many Credit Cards Should You Have In Your Wallet?

How do you go about finding the perfect number? Do you need to start applying for new credit cards immediately, or is it time to scale down some?

With this level of cultural consensus, it becomes a daunting task to figure out how many credit cards you should have to maximize your  financial health.

The number of credit cards you should have is specific to your situation, preferences, goals, and financial health.

What’s The Ideal Number Of  Credit Cards?

– Cash sign-up bonuses – Points, miles, or cash back – Access to exclusive discounts, deals, and memberships

Benefits Of Having Multiple Credit Cards

The downsides of carrying  too many credit cards  range from inconvenient to financially dangerous.

Downsides Of Having Too Many Credit Cards

The good news is that number does exist. The trickier news is that it’s a different number for each  person’s situation.

Finding The Right Number Of Credit Cards For You