How Long After Buying A Car Can I Buy A House? Which Comes First 


When thinking about buying a car and a house, you’re probably wondering: how long after buying a car can I buy  a house?

Factors to consider when thinking about how long you should wait after buying your car to buy your house.

1. Your Debt-To-Income Ratio (DTI)

When trying to apply for a loan, you’ll have a much better shot to negotiate successfully with lenders if you have a higher DTI than lower.

2. Your Cushion

Before you buy a home (especially right after you buy a car), make sure that you can withstand the additional payments on both purchases.

3. Your Credit Score

Having your credit score in good shape is important because bad credit can increase the interest rate you’re able to get on your mortgage.

Does Buying A New Home Affect Your Credit Score?

Like car loan lenders, mortgage lenders may pull your credit history and make a hard inquiry before finalizing  the loan.

How Is A New Auto Loan Different From A  Home Loan?

The main difference is that you will make mortgage payments amortizing.