Honeygain Review – Is It Legit?


There are plenty of passive income ideas where you need to invest tons of money. That’s not what we’re looking for here. We want to earn money without any upfront capital, without  doing anything.

Honeygain offers an easy way to generate income that is 100% passive. They use unused internet resources to generate market information.

It’s a win-win scenario, where you as a user get paid for the internet data you don’t use. Companies are willing to pay for that internet data, giving you  passive income.

The most common purpose of the internet mined from users is to optimize search engine effectiveness.

Honeygain claims that they will never have access to your device storage. They only record how much internet traffic is going through your device to pay you accordingly.

The current rate for Default Network Sharing (which is the official name for what Honeygain does) is one credit for 10 MB worth of traffic, and 10 GB  equals $1.

Honeygain is a legit way to make a couple of extra bucks in entirely passive income. While it certainly won’t make you rich, you can  cover some small subscription bills  with them.