HealthyWage Review – Earn Up To $10,000 To  Lose Weight


You have tried to get healthier, set some resolutions, and actually got started. When you tried to continue, there was always a moment where it was hard to stick to it.

What if you can get paid to lose weight? HealthyWage is an app that pays you to lose weight. You can get paid up to $10,000 and their goal is to make fitness more effective.

HealthyWage is not just a random app, it’s actually based on Science.

To earn money with HealthyWage, you need to make a bet on challenges. Once you made a bet, you will need to start working on achieving the desired weight loss said in  the bet.

On the surface, this app helps the majority of people who don’t stick with their diets or fitness plans to lose weight.

With HealthyWage, 25-40% of participants end up winning their bets! Now, if you need to make money online, the app will complete the fitness goal and  earn cash.

With losing weight and getting fit, it’s important that you stick with  your goals and  stay motivated.