21 Habits Of Women Who Always Have Money

If you want to take from financially successful women, the best way to do that is by adopting their habits.

We all have that one friend that always has her shit together. She knows how much she is spending, is not waiting on her salary so that she can finally go out to eat again, and knows more than most about investing.

She knows that there are some things that she loves spending money on, and she absolutely has no problem spending money on that.

She Knows What She Values

Know what ideal life looks like and start working towards that. It will become obvious what you want to say YES to and what you need to say no to.

She Knows When To Say No

If you pay off your debt faster, you will notice that you will free up money to use for other things. Like investing!

She Knows How To Deal With Her Debt

Asking for what you are worth means that you can increase the gap between their expenses and their earnings so that they can save even more.

She Knows What She Is Worth