How To Keep A Gratitude Journal To Improve Your Life

It is easier to stick to habits when you know why you’re doing it. So why should you start and keep your gratitude journal?

It is incredible how many benefits you get from gratitude journaling. You lower your stress levels, are generally more relaxed, and get insight is what is important to you.

Get A Journal

If you’re feeling creative, try making the journal yourself. Pick an inexpensive notebook and put some photos on it that make you smile – you can pick quotes, people, or things.

Determine When You’ll Write

If you want to start journaling, do it together with your morning routine or when you’re in bed reading books before going to sleep.

Think Of Gratitude Journal Prompts

– List three people that you’re grateful for in your life – Look around you, name three things that you’re grateful for – Think about things you’re grateful for at your job

Connect With The Emotion

When you experience that feeling, write down what you’re grateful for and enjoy the feeling of gratefulness.