Give Yourself Space To  Be Wrong


If you’re so afraid of being wrong that you’re not starting any conversation that might challenge the status quo, that is exactly where the problem lies.

You’re probably thinking; okay, well, how do I allow myself the space to be wrong? I mean, making a mistake or being wrong is not so difficult.

Often times we are afraid of how things will work out, but they always do. It’s something that goes on in our brain.

Seeing it as an opportunity to learn will grow your skillset for the better. If you’re denying that you made a mistake, you will  never learn.

You should recognize yourself as a human in a situation where you were wrong. It’s okay to be wrong.

As important as it is to not take criticism personally, it is also important to not give criticism personally.

if you give yourself and others space to be wrong, you will have different life experiences and discussions come into your life that will invite a different point  of view.