12 Best And Fun Ways

To Get Paid To Nap

You get 8 hours of sleep or maybe even 9, and when you wake up refreshed, you get paid; that sounds too good to be true, right?

That may sound like a dream, but plenty of companies will pay you to sleep. We have prepared this list of workplaces where you can do just that.

1. Overnight Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is required to take care of pets while their owners are away for a while, either on vacation or due to work- related stuff.

2. Sleep Executive

The job of a sleep executive is to sleep under various conditions and try out different products.

3. Bed/Sleeping  Aid Tester

Bed and mattress manufacturers need to test their products and see how well they perform. This is where the bed testers  are needed.

4. Secret Hotel Reviewer

This job entails pretending to be a regular hotel guest to try  the services.

5. Line Sitter/ Queue Stander

A line holder, a line sitter, a queue holder, or by any other name, is a person that gets paid waiting in line.