Perfect Job: Get Paid To Nap in 12 Ways

Are you looking for a dream job? One where you just have to lie down and snooze? Believe it or not, there are jobs where you can get paid to nap.

Top Dreamy Sleep Jobs

1. Clinical Subject For Sleep Research

Universities, hospitals, and other medical research facilities offer $100 to $3,000 compensation for clinical trial subjects whose sleep will be monitored.

2. Sleep Coach

This job is not exactly one where you will be paid to sleep but could be a nice option if you’re interested in helping people through the science of sleep.

3. Make Money Watching Netflix  In Bed

While not technically napping on the job, you can still earn money while chilling in bed as you watch video ads and Netflix.

4. Bed Tester

You cannot do this job in one night. It can go on for weeks or even months because there are a lot of products to try out.

5. Sleep Executive

It pays well for a job that consists of only sleeping and then reporting how well you slept. On average, a sleep executive will make anywhere from $140 a day to $33,500 a year.