9 Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight [Earn Up To $10,000]

Do you want to get paid to lose weight? Here are 7 apps and websites you can use to get paid to lose weight this year, and earn up to $10,000

There a quite some apps and websites that make sure you lose weight and get paid for it. Try them out and see what platforms fits your preferences.

HealthyWage is a safe and trusted incentive-based weight loss app. With HealthyWage, you can decide the weight you want to lose and place a bet on it.

2. DietBet

Earn passive income for losing weight with DietBet! DietBet is a great weight loss app that allows you to earn cash through betting on the weight you want to lose. You can start from $10!

3. Stickk

Set any goal for yourself, including losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising, and more. Stickk is a goal-specific app that pays you when you complete your goal within the time frame.

When looking for the best app to get paid for being healthy or losing weight, consider Achievement. This app is free and allows you to earn money while exercising to lose your body weight.

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