24 Best Ways  To Get Free  Books Online


Imagine its late at night, and you want to read a book, but you never made it to  the library.

With a kindle, you can get all the books you want on the spot without having to leave your house during business hours.

Now that I’ve sold you on the perks of reading books digitally, here are some of the best places to get free books online.

1. Online Books – has millions of free books. This very bare-bone site boasts that it has over 2 million books available for download.

2. Feed Books – is an ebook store that also has books that get marked down to $0.00! It takes a bit of searching, but you can some excellent eBooks for free!

3. Alive & Free – is another site with loads of free books online, but they only have books by living authors, hence the name “Alive & Free.”

4. Planet E-book – is the home to free classic literature.