5 Steps To Get A Promotion When You Just  Started Working

I got promoted within 10 months of starting my career.  How you can accomplish the same?

Here are the steps to getting a promotion when you just  started working.

Do All The Right Things

Do the things that matter most. You want them to notice that you’re working hard and putting in all the work, so the first step is to do  the things that matter most


Networking Like  A Boss


It’s more about being friendly to everyone so that when some promotion or other job opening comes into play, they’re thinking about you.

Be The Helping Hand

Your coworkers greatly appreciate it when you offer them help, often times they don’t even need it – it’s just to know that you’re there.


Learn And Be Open

If there are some things that you don’t know, good! This is your opportunity to learn! Be open and take it with both hands.


Focus On The Basics

It’s important to pay attention to the simple things. Be on time, don’t take more holidays than accepted or allowed, and don’t promise something you can’t deliver.