FZROX Vs. FSKAX – Which Fund Is For You?

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With all the different commodities, stocks, bonds, and funds available now, which one should you consider for your investment portfolio?

Let’s discuss these FZROX vs. FSKAX and know what they are so you may determine if these can be something that you too can invest in for yourself.

FZROX is a Zero Total Market Index Fund released and managed by Fidelity Investments to provide investors with ROI from a wide range of US Stocks.


FSKAX or Fidelity Total Market Index Fund is designed to accommodate a broad range of  US-based stocks of publicly-traded companies.


The main difference we see between both is that as a holder of FZROX, you cannot take your investments out of Fidelity without selling your holding.

 Key Differences

Another important part when comparing FZROX and FSKAX is their compositional differences. By this, we mean the major features of each fund and how they stack up together.

 Composition Differences

When we see that the composition is similar, we can expect their returns to be similar as well.

 Perfomance Differences

Before you decide to invest in either FZROX or FSKAX, you must be aware of their fees. As mentioned, FZROX has a 0% fee while the fee for FSKAX is 0.02%.


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