FZROX Vs. FSKAX – Which Fund Is For You?


With all the investment funds available now, which one should you consider for your investment portfolio?

Let's compare FZROX vs. FSKAX and see which fund is for you?

The strategy behind FZROX is to invest at least 80% of the fund into buying common stocks of publicly-traded companies in the US stock market.

FSKAX invests about 80% of assets into common stocks trades in the US Dow Jones.

FSKAX is much older than FZROX, and it has an expense ratio of 0.02%. However, for FZROX, the expense fee is 0.00%, so holders of this fund pay nothing.

For both FZROX and FSKAX there’s no minimum investment. That means that both Fidelity mutual funds are perfect if you’re a beginner to investing.

One thing is important, investing in either of these mutual funds is a great way to reach your financial goals. So know where you stand now so you make the right decision for yourself.