FXAIX Vs. VFIAX – Which Is  The Better S&P 500 Fund?


If you are into index fund investing, you probably would have heard of FXAIX and VFIAX. Both are very popular in the investor community because they track high- value stocks.

Here’s a detailed comparison of FXAIX vs. VFIAX.

FXAIX or Fidelity 500 Index Fund categorizes 500 of the top stocks with the highest market cap in the US stock market.

Just like FXAIX, VFIAX or Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares tracks the performance of stocks in the S&P 500 index and replicates  the index.

FXAIX has a ratio of 0.015%, while VFIAX has a ratio of 0.04%.

Is VFIAX Or FXAIX Better? That will depend on your investment preference, to be honest. Both of these funds are index funds, and they post  similar returns.

So long as it is within your risk tolerance and capitalization to invest in either of these funds, you can be sure that a high yield and long-term portfolio growth are within reach.