Fundrise Review: Invest in Real Estate For $10


Are you looking for a platform to help you with your investments? Check out our Fundrise review for the best online platform for your investing needs.

Fundrise was developed to create a simple, affordable way for anyone who wants to access real estate’s historically consistent returns and invest in them.

Fundrise has several account levels you can choose from depending on the different investment minimums you are  looking for.

1. Starter Account

The minimum amount required is $10 for this plan. The starter plan is the simplest out of all the accounts offered, and it allows investors to test the products Fundrise offers.

2. Basic Account

With a minimum investment of $1,000, this plan includes essential choices like IRA investing, investor goals, dividend reinvestment, and auto-invest.

3. Core Account

$5,000 minimum investment. This core plan provides personalized access to “core plans,” which are automated investment strategies to reach your financial goals.

4. Advanced Account

With a minimum investment of $10,000, you now have an option to access the “plus plans,” which is an additional add-on option to each  core plan.

5. Premium Account

$100,000 minimum requirement. This account level offers accredited investors access to the private funds as they become available.

Is Fundrise Legit?

As one of the most leading and popular crowdfunding real estate platforms, it has solidified its record for serving and helping people with their investment  for years.