Fun Things To Do With No Money This Thanksgiving Day

Do you want to have fun without spending any money this Thanksgiving Day?

Here are the fun things to do with no money and still have loads  of fun.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Check out google for a couple of great scavenger hunt ideas, and you’ll have an entire afternoon of fun!

2. Go Bird-Watching

Going outdoors is always great, especially if you can do it for free! All you need is binoculars and an (online) bird book that will show you what you’re actually looking at.

3. Play Your Favorite  Video Games

Play the games you used to play a couple of years ago and see if you’re still as good as you were back then.

4. Play Frisbee

Throwing around a frisbee is a great way to get in some movement,  go outside, and have fun with  your friends.

Combine your adventure with a short hike, breakfast, or dinner – depending on the time of day.

5. Watch A Sunrise  Or Sunset