FSKAX Vs. VTSAX – Which Fund Performs Better?


When you invest in mutual funds, you invest money today with the possibility of making gains in  the future.

When you read analytical reports by top financial publications, you will notice how funds like FSKAX and VTSAX have been doing well over the past years.

FSKAX provides investment funding to the total return of a wide range of stocks in the US stock market.

VTSAX uses an indexing approach to track stock performances in the CRSP Total Market Index.

FSKAX was created and passively managed by Fidelity Investments, while VTSAX is the creation of Vanguard mutual fund managers.

FSKAX has a lower expense ratio but only slightly lower. Its ratio fee is 0.02% while VTSAX is 0.04%.

Regardless of which mutual fund you consider based on your financial status, both can help you and your financial plans in life.