FSKAX VS. VTI – Which One Makes The Cut?


If you are conversant with online investing and securities in general, you may have come across FSKAX vs. VTI debates.

But which investment product is better? Let’s find out and get to know more about FSKAX  and VTI.

FSKAX or Fidelity Total Market Index Fund invests about 80% of its investment in common stocks listed in the Dow Jones Stock Market Index.

VTI or Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF is passively managed and tracks stocks broadly, especially stocks from the Dow Jones.

FSKAX has a 0.02% expense ratio, while VTI’s ratio is 0.03%.

FSKAX and VTI are both good long-term assets.Since their creation, they have posted healthy returns. 

Which of these two funds stand out? Remember that investments, despite the challenges, are an important way to boost your finances.