Frugal Vs. Cheap – Where Are You At?


Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between frugal vs. cheap? Aren’t they the same?

What Does It Mean To Be Frugal?

To be frugal means to preserve your available resources, especially your money. Being  frugal means being  aware of our spending habits.

What Does It Mean To Be Cheap?

To be cheap means someone who always goes for the lowest costing stuff, regardless of  the quality of  the product.

What’s The Difference Between Frugal And Cheap?

Sometimes being frugal means going for the lower price, but does that mean you are cheap? Here are several differences between frugal and cheap:

The Meaning Varies

Frugal is defined as being careful in the available resources you have. And cheap is described as always going for the lowest price.

Frugal People Are Resourceful

Frugality is being resourceful. They make use of their money and try to optimize and maximize that.

Frugality Allows You To Optimize Spending

This is where budgeting comes in. It will help you thrive financially and lets you reach your financial goals.

Price Vs. Value As The Bottom Line

Cheap mainly depends on the price while frugal focuses more  on value.