Do hobbies always seem overly expensive to you?  Here are 5 frugal and minimalist hobbies that are very enjoyable.

1. Reading

Reading is a hobby that could even be absolutely free if you rely on your local library for your books. But, if you buy every book you want to read completely new, it can become a pretty expensive hobby.

2. Blogging

Well, this one doesn’t take up much space for sure! All you need to start a blog is a functioning computer. Perhaps a desk, otherwise the bed would work just fine.

3. Board Games

Playing board games can become expensive when it’s more about getting new board games fairly often. When you focus on playing the games instead of buying them, it is not such an expensive hobby.

4. Hiking

It is a hobby that has little costs and it is very relaxing. It is a peaceful hobby that you can practice almost everywhere. All you need is a nice park or forest area where you can walk or hike.

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