20 Essential Frugal Living Tips [How To Be Frugal]


I LOVE living a frugal lifestyle & all that it brings me. Frugal living gives me the FREEDOM to do whatever I want.

Do you want to start you living frugally? Kickstart saving money with these essential frugal  living tips!

1. Embrace Frugal Living

2. If you want to start living frugally, you need to take charge of your financial situation and analyze your  car expenses!

Frugal living tip #3 is about how money doesn’t have to put you in a certain direction, and it certainly doesn’t have to determine how much you enjoy life.

Frugal living tip #4, ask yourself: Can I afford it? If you think you can afford it while you can’t, this will hurt your financial situation in the long term.

5. If you really want to level up your savings, starting a side hustle is a surefire way to  do that.