Why Frugality Is NOT Boring [Having Frugal Fun]

There are many people who live by this quote: ‘People who say that money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop’ – Kathy Lette

Of course, money can help improve your life, but it’s not the end all be all! Money can also lead to undesirable side effects, like stress and debt, when it’s not managed well.

Being frugal for me is about being thoughtful about your purchases, finding things that you enjoy, and buying things that enhance your quality of life.

Exhibit A – Me!

You don’t have to live your life ruled by money. The amount of money in your bank account does NOT determine how much fun you have!

You’re Not Missing Out

Think about what matters to you and simply spend money on that. If something doesn’t add anything to your life, don’t consume it.

Everyone Is Different

I have the option of retiring early, which is super exciting for me. It’s all because I’m intentionally spending the income that I am earning.

Early Retirement