From Sports to Success: Footballers Who Found Success Beyond the Field

Most universities make hundreds of millions from football programs, drawing revenue from sold-out stadiums, big-brand sponsorships, and broadcasting rights.

College football is an ingrained part of local culture in many US regions. Diehard fans will reschedule major events around big games, and follow college football betting odds  each day.

Only elite players will be able to turn their college football career into a successful NFL run—and then roll that career over into another long-lasting and lucrative venture.

1. Terry Crews

Terry Crews’ post-NFL career has been so successful that few realize the actor was once a defensive end  and linebacker.

2. Dhani Jones

Prior to joining the Giants in 2000, linebacker Dhani Jones played for the University of Michigan. With the Wolverines, he was named an All-Big Ten player  three years.

3. Warren Moon

During his time with the University of Washington, Moon led the Huskies to a conference title and a Rose Bowl win in 1977, for which he earned an MVP award.