17 Best Free Online Courses for Learning Opportunities


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There are lots of online learning opportunities out there to help you achieve your educational goals.

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Free Online Courses Related To Health  & Wellness

1. Stanford Introduction To Food & Health

This course is the perfect way to learn the basics of nutrition if you are thinking about pursuing a career in physical health.

2. Introduction To Psychology

The course lists some of the skills you will gain from this course: reasoning, problem-solving, as well as abstract, analytical, and critical thinking.

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Free Online Courses Related To Personal Development

1. The Science Of  Well Being

You will learn about the common misconceptions around happiness and the science behind how to make changes that will help you keep a healthier state of mind.

2.  Learning How  To Learn

It does not matter what area you want to focus on because this course is all about the brain and how it learns best regarding any subject you  can imagine.

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Free Online Courses For Fun And Hobbies

1. The Total Beginner’s Guitar Course

This free course is perfect for learning the basics of guitar.

2. The Art Of Baking With Yuppiechef

Baking is an enjoyable hobby for many. It can also transform into a business or a side hustle if you are passionate about it, but it takes a lot of trial and error!

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