20 Best Places To Get Free Baby Samples


Expecting a baby is exciting, but it can be stressful. It brings significant lifestyle changes and is costly from day one.

Wouldn’t it be great to snag some free baby samples and coupons? Here are best places to get free baby samples.

1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Boxes

Each shipped box has various items to help you with your baby’s initial needs, like a NOK baby bottle, pacifier, and Swaddle blanket.

2. Target Welcome Box

Once you create a baby registry at Target’s guest services, you can get a free welcome box filled with baby-related goodies estimated at $100.

3. Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box

Once you establish your baby registry with Walmart, there are two boxes that you will receive, the welcome box filled with baby-related items.

4. Free Daily Goodie Sample Box

Daily Goodie Sample Box doesn’t require signing up for a baby registry. Instead, they’ll send you free samples and full-size products.

Hey, Milestone offers a free pregnancy sample box for moms-to-be, filled with samples & a Hey, Milestone Guide with information  and offers.

5. Hey, Milestone Free Pregnancy Sample Box


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