FNILX Vs. VOO: ETF Or Mutual Fund? Which Is Suitable For You?

Many investors try to find the best way to manage their portfolios. They seek investment strategies that fit their budget and lifestyle and can earn money passively.

In a face-off between FNILX vs. VOO, which one should you choose for your investment portfolio to diversify and earn money through  passive investing?

FNILX aims to provide investment results that parallel the total returns of the US-based large-capitalization companies’ stocks.

FNILX: Fidelity® ZERO Large Cap Index Fund

VOO: Vanguard 500 Index Fund ETF

The exchange-traded fund, VOO, is offered by the Vanguard Group and also tracks the S&P 500 Index.

Key Differences

FNILX does not require a minimum initial purchase requirement, while VOO’s minimum investment requirement is equivalent to  1 share.

FNILX and VOO have a similar fee ratio, with FNILX having a 0% fee and VOO having 0.03%.


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