FNILX Vs. FZROX: Which Fidelity Index Fund Is For You? 

If you are searching for an investment idea, one of the options you may want to consider is index funds. Two of the most popular funds are FNILX  and FZROX.

Let’s take a look at FNILX vs. FZROX that you may want to consider as you venture forth to your investment journey.

FNILX: Fidelity Zero Large Cap Index Fund

The passively-managed fund has no commissions, fees, and minimum investment, making it an excellent choice for long-term investors.

FZROX: Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund

FZROX has invested in over 2,442 companies in the United States. 24.06% of the fund is invested in the ten most significant companies in  the US.

Key Differences

FZROX is a total stock market index fund from Fidelity while FNILX is Fidelity S&P 500 index fund. 


Both FNILX and FZROX do not charge any fees. Because they don’t charge fees, you will keep higher amounts of your money invested.

Both are great funds that have similar holdings and identical zero fees. On top of that, both  funds do not require a  minimum investment.