FNILX Vs. FZROX – Which One Should You Invest In?


Fidelity has launched a new lineup of zero-index funds in the recent past. Two of their most popular funds in this category are FNILX and FZROX.

Let’s compare FNILX vs. FZROX and see which one should you invest in?

FNILX: Fidelity Zero Large Cap Index Fund The passively-managed fund has no commissions, fees, and minimum investment, making it an excellent choice for long-term investors.

FZROX: Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund Investing assets in common stocks are part of the Fidelity US Total Investable Market Index, a float-adjusted market-cap-weighted index.

Both FNILX and FZROX have no minimum investment. This makes them a user-friendly option for beginners looking to venture  into investments.

FZROX includes the small and mid-cap stocks, making it more volatile than the large-capitalization FNLIX.

Invest wisely based on what you have and what you want for yourself in the future. That’s the winning combination in your investment strategy.