9 Tips To Speed Up Financial Independence

Knowing you can support your lifestyle without needing to work for someone doing something you don’t want to do means you can escape from the burden society places on us.

#1 Sell Assets You Don’t Need One of the fastest ways to increase your bank account balance is to sell off things you no longer need.

People can take too simplistic a view of debt and when used smartly it can help you to a healthier long-term financial situation

#2 Use Debt Smartly

If you have a target age in mind for financial independence, the only way you can know whether you are on schedule is to track ruthlessly.

#3 Track Ruthlessly

It’s easy to get sucked into scams when you become too obsessed with a FIRE lifestyle. If the results seem too good to be true on social media, they often are.

#4 Invest Passively

Being financially responsible and being cheap isn’t the same thing. You want to build a sustainable base for your future self not be caught up in the present.

#5 Buy Quality

Keep an extra eye out for annual subscriptions as these are usually highly expensive but easy to forget about.

#6 Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Need