6 Steps To Financial Goal Setting

It's time for some financial goal setting. Let’s work on living our dream life, managing our money better, and succeeding with our financial goals!

It doesn’t matter so much for what time frame you set the goals, the most important thing is to start now!

Steps In Financial Goal Setting

Think about the goals you had at the beginning of the year, that you’ve met. Also think about the struggles that you’ve had, your successes, and what you’ve learned.

Review Yor Previous Year Goals

The first step is to get motivated. What are your reasons for financial goal setting? Why do you want to reach that specific financial goal?

Get Motivated!

When you are writing them down, they will be more likely to stick around in your brain. Not only write the goals down but also why you want to achieve them.

Physically Write  Them Down

 Break down your main goals down in monthly or quarterly goals to not get overwhelmed. This means that each month you are getting one step closer to your end goal.

Break Your  Goals Down

In order to achieve your goals, one great way is to follow up with them. Whether this is weekly, monthly or quarterly, depends on what your goals are and what works for you.

Follow Up