Fetch Rewards Review: Earn Money Through Cashback?


Fetch Rewards is an easy-to-use, mobile-only application where you can earn points or some extra money by filling out online surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

The best way to fully utilize this application is to link your email with it if you shop online so that you can scan your digital receipts and earn points.

Fetch Rewards only works on mobile and has no option  for real cash. Instead, you’ll  only get paid in gift cards that you can redeem with accumulated points.

To give you a starting boost, Fetch Rewards gives its users 750-points on submitting their first receipt and 500-points on the second submission.

The process is straightforward if you’re online shopping and have it linked with your inbox. The app will automatically scan for digital receipts and give you the relevant number of points.

Fetch Rewards is a legitimate application that is easy to use and rewards users with redeemable gift cards.

Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Unfortunately, Fetch Rewards is not an application to make money. It has no option to convert the points into  quick cash.

How Much Money Can You Make With Fetch Rewards?