Get Over Your Fear Of The Stock Market [& Start Investing]

As millennials, a lot of us are scared away from investing by the volatility in the market. Swinging up one day and down the next, wiping out all the gains for the past 6 months.

You’re one of the millennials is sitting on money but you’re afraid to start investing? You’re trying to time the markets, but end up buying high and selling low?

Invest your money in the stock market for the long run, don’t look at the month to month historical returns. It’s more realistic to look at 5-, 10-year, and 20-year returns.

Keep Calm And Invest Long-Term

You don’t have to be a market expert who picks stocks and day trades to invest. – You can invest in any market – You automatically diversify your money

Take The Easy Way – Index Funds

If you don’t have the trust in the market yet to bring all your money in the stock market in one go, I would say no worries. It’s more important that you’re being consistent.

Be Consistent

If you’re checking your balances a lot, you can try to cut it to a few times per week and see how you feel. Probably you will feel way more relaxed!

Don’t Check On It Too Much

The more tangible your goals are, the more appealing they will be and the harder you want to work for them!

Focus On Your Goal