Leading the Way: Exploring the Best Public Colleges in America

Earning a college degree is an investment with far-reaching benefits. Adults who hold degrees earn an average of $32,000 more per year than those who hold a high school diploma.

While those statistics are all good reasons to go to college, education often comes with a hefty price tag.

Public universities, which are funded by government monies, are usually less expensive than their private counterparts.

West Virginia University has a large student population, with nearly 20,000 attendees.

West Virginia University

Located in Southern California, UC Riverside is a pioneering research university with a commitment to diversity and underserved students.

University Of California – Riverside

UMBC, which has a student body of just over 9,000, has consistently been ranked as one of the best schools in  the country.

University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

The University of Louisville prides itself on the flexibility it provides for its students.

University Of Louisville

Ohio University has more than 250 educational programs to choose from, as well as sororities and fraternities, clubs,  and athletics.

Ohio University