9 Reasons Why Experiences Are Better Than Things

While it is fun to buy a physical gift, an experience can add to the experience and make lasting memories.

I am convinced that experiences are better than things. Experiences are so important in life and can provide you with lasting joy.

Having a lot of stuff takes up space in your home, that’s one thing everyone knows. The other thing is that stuff takes up space in your mind, whether you want it or not.

Material Possessions Can Turn Into A Burden

Any experience is personal and very specific, meaning that comparing simply is harder.

Less Comparision When It Comes To Experiences

People identify more with a specific experience than a specific material possession. Experiences are a part of you, you bring them everywhere with you – in our memories.

Experiences Say Something About Ourselves

You will be grateful for the life you’re given, you will be kind to others, you understand a different culture, and there will be more lessons waiting for you along the way.

Experiences Broaden Your Perspective

When you’re having more experiences than possessions, you will be more fulfilled in the longer term according to research.

Experiences Fulfill Us More Than Possessions