EstateGuru Review 2022 – Is EstateGuru Still Safe?

To further diversify my investments, I started investing in EstateGuru in 2019. I regularly invest in new platforms to try them out and see how they work.

If you want to build your wealth, try investing in real estate. This is an investment opportunity if you have extra cash or you want to have extra money for yourself and your family.

Loans on EstateGuru always come with a property as an underlying asset, which makes it safer for the investors to invest in their loans.

What Is EstateGuru?

When investing in EstateGuru, you can decide to invest manually in each loan or use the auto-invest functionality.

Auto-Invest On The EstateGuru Platform

Manual investing in the EstateGuru platform is straightforward and quite simple. There is no overload on investment opportunities.

Manual Investing On EstateGuru

Introducing an early exit option to the platform is positive for you as an investor. It increases the liquidity of the investment because you can cash out at any time.

Secondary Market On EstateGuru