What Happened With Envestio? (News & Facts)

On the 21st of January, Envestio stated that the company website had been hacked and that several attacks have been done on their databases. The website completely disappeared from that moment on.

Several IT experts have concluded that the website didn’t disappear because of a DDOS attack or other hacking attacks. The website itself is simply deleted from its host.

The Main Concerns

The main concerns that have been raised by others are regarding the change of owner and Chief Operational Officer (COO) of Envestio, plus the fear that the same thing will happen as did with Kuetzal.

The Kuetzal Situation

– Bad communication when the CEO suddenly changed in November 2019, questions start to arise. – Up until that moment, all payments have been on time.

Change In Owner Envestio

It is important for investors in the peer-to-peer loans of the Envestio platform to know what is going on.

Change In Chief Operational Officer (COO)

The main point of criticism on Envestio isn’t because of the owner change, but because of the COO change.

Bank Run And No Cash At Envestio

Because of all the rumors, investors started to have serious doubts and started to withdraw their money from their platform.