Are There Real Envelope Stuffing Jobs Or Should You Find An Alternative?


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People are often looking for possibilities to earn money that require less skill and can be completed with  greater ease.

Envelope stuffing jobs fit the bill. At least going by its name and how it is often advertised. But are envelope-stuffing jobs legit?

Envelope stuffing is a job where an individual earns money working from home to stuff envelopes and sends them out to a list of recipients.

What Is Envelope Stuffing?

Printing companies, direct mail marketing agencies, and fulfillment centers may have openings for envelope stuffers.

Are There Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

Legitimate envelope-stuffing jobs often involve working for companies that generate or deliver direct mail products.

What Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs Entail

With the advent of technology, machines have taken over the bulk of mass mailings, making bona fide envelope-stuffing jobs as rare as hen’s teeth.

How Easily Can You Find Envelope-Stuffing Jobs?

Real envelope-stuffing jobs may pay an hourly or piecework wage, but the salary is usually poor, hovering around the federal minimum.

Are Envelope-Stuffing Jobs Lucrative?

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