How To Start An Emergency Fund [Quick Guide]


We all know that life will throw curveballs at you at times. Despite all your best efforts in budgeting, an unexpected rainy day can rear its ugly head now and then.

There is an easy way to pay for this kind of unexpected cost:  you build up an emergency fund.

An emergency fund is money you save for when unexpected costs come up or when you lose income.

I hope that nothing will go wrong in your life! This is what everyone hopes for, but financial security includes money for unforeseen incidents that can happen in life.

Building your emergency fund is a great goal, but it might be challenging depending on how much you can put aside each month.

It is important to secure your emergency fund. Your financial freedom is dependent on the money set aside for your monthly needs, future needs, and unexpected needs.

I see an emergency fund as insurance. You are protected and covered in the short term and in the long term goals. It costs you some money upfront, but when something goes wrong, it  covers you.