20 Ways To Push The Reset Button & Embrace Lifestyle Deflation

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are currently rethinking their finances? If you want to reevaluate your money, here are ways to bring it all into balance without feeling deprived

Last year dramatically changed the speed of our treadmill. You can choose to slow it down and simplify your life now and in the future. Let’s look at 20 ways to nudge your mindset in a new direction.

Ways To Embrace Lifestyle Deflation

For everything in life there’s a sweet spot.  Think about how much "enough" truly is. How will you ever know when you’re there otherwise?

Find What “Enough” Means To You

The process of building a life with less stuff can take a long time, especially if we want the change to be permanent. Take it slow to make it last.

Take The Route To Slow Minimalism

Change is complicated. It’s both the cause of most of our stress and most of our comfort. When we initiate that change, it can be unsettling at first, but it levels out.

Focus On What You Can Change

Your largest three expenses of housing, transportation, and food are areas where changes can significantly impact your budget and, therefore, your overall lifestyle.

Reconsider Your Big Three Expenses

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