20 Ways To Push The Reset Button & Embrace Lifestyle Deflation


As you made more money, you probably bought more things. Maybe you upgraded from an apartment to  a house.

How far down the lifestyle inflation path you go depends on when you pause to reflect. Some people never do and end up with piles  of debt.

Let’s look at ways to push that reset button and embrace lifestyle defaltion.

1. Many of us don’t think about how much “enough” truly is. If you never evaluate what enough means to you, how will you ever know when you’re there?

2. Your environment won’t change overnight, but one day you’ll be able to look back  and see how far  you’ve come.

3. A comfortable lifestyle depends on how efficiently you spend your dollars in these “Big Three” areas. - Food - Transportation - Housing

4. When you cut out the things that don’t have value to you, it won’t feel like deprivation.