Eddie Hall Net Worth 2022: The World’s Strongest Man [The Beast]

Eddie Hall, the World’s Strongest Man of 2017, entered the league with the sole purpose of winning. He earned both fame and wealth in a very short time.

His exposure to big names and multi-million sponsors taught him how to market his fame, a skill that will help him secure a future after his time as a strongman.

Eddie Hall: Personal Information

– Height: 6ft 2in – Weight: 164 kg – Hair color: dark brown – Eye color: blue – Shoe size: 12 – Body measurement: 52-36-40

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall Early Career

By the time he was 20, Hall was already an amateur strongman competitor and was relentlessly entering every event held throughout the year.

Eddie Hall Achievements

Eddie Hall set his first world record at the annual Arnold Sports Festival, aka Arnold Strongman Classic, in 2015.

How Does Eddie Hall Make Money?

One of them is the cash prizes from every competition he entered, and those achievements pay pretty well. 

Eddie Hall’s Net Worth

Sources say that The Beast is worth £3.6 million or $5 million and earns around $100,000 per year.