13 Easy Things To Sell To Make Money Fast

The average person has a lot of extra stuff that they don’t need. So many unworn clothes, unused electronics, unread books, and more. I am a huge advocate of minimalism, it’s a way to clean out your mind by cleaning out the environment around you.

When you have things in your house that you don’t use anymore, why not get rid of them? You can make some fast extra money from all the things that you have lying around! You can pay off debt, save extra money, or put some money towards your investments.


Everyone has some clothes they don’t wear, so this is basically the low-hanging fruit if you want to sell things to make money fast!


If you’re having jewelry that you don’t 100% love or has lost its emotional value for you, you can consider selling it. Jewelry can be worth a lot of money!


There are many electronics lying around your house that you’re able to sell! Old items or not working items can even be sold.

Video Games And Consoles

If you’re holding on to very old games and consoles, however, you can sell them through sites like eBay for a fairly good price!

VHS Tapes

Sometimes the VHS tapes are for movie titles that are not available on DVD or they’ve become a collector’s item. This means that it’s time to find your VHS tapes again and get rich!


Some items in your home that are no longer serving any purpose could be furniture. If you’re feeling creative, you could even repaint it or give it another touch-up so that it’ll give you more cash!


Books are amazing to sell for extra money! Depending on what kind of books you’re selling, you might be able to make a few hundred bucks from this!


Movies are another great thing! You probably stacked up on movies during the DVD/Blue Ray era, and now you’ve moved on to Netflix and don’t watch the movies anymore. Good thing that others still do, because you can sell your stuff to them!

Sporting Gear

If you’re having outdoor sporting goods, they tend to sell well. Maybe you bought a golf set that you never used, you rather sell the item than have it collect dust in your garage.