12 Dumbest Ways People Waste Time – Are You Guilty Too?


Don’t you just hate it when people make you wait and don’t respect your time? It’s absolutely infuriating  at times.

Here are some of these stupid ways, and you can check out if you’re guilty of some of them.

1. Spending Time Worrying About What Other People Think Of You

Worrying is a time-wasting habit, especially about things beyond your control, such as others' opinions.

2. Making Unnecessary And Unproductive Side Comments

Someone shared an instance where his supervisor often told him to look busy even after he had completed all his tasks for the day.

3. Sitting In Traffic

Some are fine with waiting in traffic, while others prefer productive tasks over seething in anger.

4. Getting So Ridiculously Drunk

Almost everyone can attest that social drinking can be fun and productive at the same time. But getting ridiculously drunk? Now, that’s an entirely different matter.

5. Doing Something You Don’t Like In Your Leisure Time

Life is short, so why waste this rare opportunity on something you don’t like in the first place?