Dorm Room Essentials: 11 Items You Need For Your Dorm (Or Apartment)

Dorm room essentials are very important for you to organize and make every space useful. Saving enough space is an effective way to maximize your living area.

Despite the small space, your dorm room will be your home away from home. So you need to make sure that your college dorm room will bring out the best college experience you can have.

An Amazon Prime membership is the best thing ever. Especially if you’re studying, it is the ultimate way to get things if you don’t have a car.

Amazon Prime Membership

I will start with the most important part of the room: the dorm bed. You will do a lot of sleeping, so it’s important to have a good bed with proper bedding.

Proper Bedding

Dorms rarely have good air conditioning – if you have any at all. The air conditioning is mostly centralized, making it hotter when it’s already hot and colder when it’s already cold.

Electric Fan

College dorms can be noisy, depending on where the party is that night. Every night of the week, there can be some unexpected party or gathering that pops up.

Ear Plugs

Doing laundry is much more convenient in a basket than anything else. I used a plastic bag for a long time.

Laundry Basket

The great thing is that a collapsible drying rack allows you to dry your clothes quickly when you have a fresh wash, and you can put it away when you’re not using it.

Collapsible Drying Rack

It will hold everything for you; shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, and more. It makes showering and keeping everything in one place much easier!

Shower Caddies

This is one of the better dorm room ideas since it not only helps you manage your clutter but, more importantly, helps you in your studies during college life!

Desk Organizer

These storage bins will help you a lot to manage stuff for your dorm life. No need for a dresser, as these shelving ideas, will do the trick for you.

Storage Space

When you’re living in your apartment, an extension cord with an on/off switch is a great way to cut your electric bill in half!

Extension Cord