Donate Books Near Me: 20 Best Places To Give Away Books You Don’t Need

If you feel like you don’t need your books anymore and would like to give books to someone who can use them well, you might wonder, “Where can I donate books near me?”

Best Places Where To Donate Books Near Me

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Goodwill is a non-profit organization in North America with over 1,000 locations.

1. Goodwill

Active in 133 countries, from the United Kingdom to Guinea, the Salvation Army is amongst the world’s largest providers of  social aid.

2. The Salvation Army

On a mission to end “book famine” in Africa, Books for Africa aims to empower students  and society.

3. Books For Africa

Books Through Bars sends free books to imprisoned people in some selected Atlantic states.

4. Books Through Bars

Project Night Night‘s goal is to provide children’s books, blankets, and stuffed animals to homeless children aged between 0-10 in shelters throughout the United States for free.

5. Project Night Night


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