Does Your Job Define You?

Most people have a job to afford the things they want outside the 9 to 5. What someone does outside of work shows more of who you are and what you like.

Most people have a job and most people have hobbies. YOU can decide which one you want to define you.  If you love your job and you feel very connected with your job, you can let this define you.

If it’s something that you enjoy, that’s great and let’s keep it that way! But if you’re having a hard time finding your personality besides work, here are some tips:

It pays your bills and it is what you do for 8 hours every day. Is it what your soul needs? Does it give you joy?

Think about what your job means to you

If someone is asking the ‘what do you do?’ question, it’s up to you how you answer that. You can always ask them what they want to know, by replying ‘for fun or for money?’.

Define yourself how YOU want

It’s important to not only have coworkers as friends, but also have friends outside of work. Friends that will support you when something happens with your job situation.

Have a life outside of work

If you spend more time on things that you enjoy, who knows where that will take you? You will most likely be happier at work when you have something else that you can work on in your free time.

Follow your joy