Does Walmart Sell Stamps? 4 Best Places To Buy Postage Materials

Do you need to buy postage stamps for your mail letter but miss the open hours at the local post office?

Does Walmart sell stamps? Walmart places the stamp books in one of these 4 areas. Visit these areas to find your desired stamp.

1. Money Center

Because these areas involve deliveries  and cash, Walmart prefers to keep stamps in the Money Center. 

2. Checkout Lane

Most shoppers buy stuff that they suddenly remember or realize that they need. So, keeping stamps at the check-out counter makes more sense.

3. Customer Service Center

The area is where most customers come with their inquiries or complaints regarding products.

4. Office Supplies Area

This area contains other mailing items, such as envelopes, stationery, and writing materials, which  makes selling stamps here more sensible.

How Much Do Stamps Cost  At Walmart?

A book of First-Class stamps costs around $11. Another option is a roll, which contains 100 stamps for $55.