Dividend Investing 101 – All You Need  To Know

We all want passive income – it’s the classic ‘get rich while you sleep’. Everyone dreams about that (pun intended). Passive income is the main reason I am drawn to  dividend investing.

One sure way you can take advantage of your dividends over time is to directly re-invest them. Many people directly re-invest any dividends received to the stocks that paid them.

If you plan to excel in the big things, you have to develop the habits when they are still small. It’s also called the principle of how you do anything is how you do everything.

Historically, the stock market moves up with an average of 7% each year. When the value of the stocks that pay you dividends go up, you’re gaining from that.

The important thing is not only to get stocks that move up but also seek out dividend-paying stocks that have moved up their dividends over the last decade or so.

Over the years the stock increases in value, but also the dividends increased. Which means that you have a double advantage.