DiversyFund Review – Will Your $500 Investment Be Worth It?

Are you thinking of investing in real estate? In this DiversyFund review, there are information and tools that can help you decide and start investing.

DiversyFund is not your common crowdfunding platform, as it provides more but charges less.

DiversyFund is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that offers private commercial real estate investments.

DiversyFund must pay out 90% of its taxable income to investors yearly. To ensure that, they abide by a 5-step procedure for all of  their properties.

1. Raising Capital

Pooling investments from clients who have lesser cash outlays, DiversityFund then selects a particular property for them.

2. Acquiring The Property

DiversyFund’s team determines the property that can turn into  a profit.

3. Renovating The Property

DiversyFund takes into account the upgrades and repairs to further property development.

4. Increasing The Property Value

With DiversyFund, investors have the opportunity to earn dividends monthly.

5. Turning A Profit

DiversyFund then sells the property with the profits shared back to the original investors.